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This is the most popular car air purifier on the market today. This compact Air Purifier provide high recirculation with superior cleaning ability.  Removes dangerous VOC’s such as  fumes, smokes from fires, out gassing of asphalt, out gassing of plastics in new cars, pet odors, pollen and much more....  

See below for definition of Out Gassing.

I can breathe  easier now!
Plug directly into your car's power oultet, for use in cars, trucks, motor homes or anyplace you find a 12VDC (recommended for auto / car use only)

Removes Pet Odors from your Car

Also remove pet odors from your car without using deodorants that may be harmful for you and your pet.  With the Aireox Car Air Purifier your car can feel and smell fresh. It’s safe for you and your pet.

Testimonies:  I have allergies that cause my nose to run constantly. The only time my nose doesn’t run is when I’m in my car with my Aireox Air Purifier on. I would recommend this product for anyone else who suffers with these allergies. I purchased the Aireox Air Purifier 3 years ago. I have gone through 2 different cars, but only the one purifier!

My family and I love traveling; and, naturally, the family dog comes with us. The dog, of course, makes the car smell; but, traveling with a bunch of people who are eating, sleeping, and at times not able to shower, can also cause the car to have an unpleasant smell. With the Aireox Car Air Purifier the car no longer smells of leftover food, body and foot odors, or the dog. We also drove one time through an area that was having a forest fire. This little unit saved us from having to breathe in the dense heavy smoke. We love our Aireox!

  • No Out Gassing Paint Used A special zero out gassing paint is used to protect the metal parts
  • No Out Gassing Rubber Cords Out electrical cords are zero out gassing
  • No Ozone Out Gassing The Aireox emits no gas or chemical
  • No Deodorants or Perfumes Used
  • No Loud Operating Noise
  • No Hot Exposed Motors Hot exposed motors are unsafe
  • No Air Passes Through Motor Motors are sealed to prevent any oil discharge
  • No Adhesives Used in Filter We do not use pleated filters because they require sealants to seal off the pleats.

What is Out Gassing?

Out gassing is a term used when an item, like a new toaster, is just purchased. When you take it out of the box and plug it in, it emits a smell. The smell can come from different sources such as, the power cord, or parts inside the toaster. This is what we refer to as out gassing. It is out gassing the smell of rubber or plastic parts. You can also notice out gassing in a new car, and sometimes in older cars as well. In a new car, the plastic from the car is out gassing. Hotter days cause the out gassing to happen even more. Out gassing of plastic is toxic and is not healthy to breathe. This same process of out gassing happens with asphalt. Chemicals that are used out gas into the air especially on hot days.