What Kind of filter do I have?

All our filters are handmade in the U.S.A. Workers do not wear perfumes, or strong smelling lotions, hairspray or deodorants. We also do not use any sealants or any kind of glue .We use only the highest quality materials in all our filters.

 There are 5 steps to the making of the Aireox filter. After each step, filters are covered and sealed to prevent any odors on the filters. When completed,the filter is bagged and sealed with a twist tie. Replacing a filter is quick and easy ( See FAQ's).

Made in the U.S. A.


Micron Definition:  The size of a particle is usually described in microns as a replacement for the traditional thou or mil.  The eye can see particles to about 40 microns. Below are just a few examples of different particles and their size in microns.


Particle Size (microns)

Dust Mites  1.0 - 3.0
Coal Dust  1.0 - 100
Auto Emission  1.0 - 150
Spores 3.0 - 40
Cement Dust  3.0 - 100
Pollens  10.0 - 1000
Mold Spores 10.0 - 30
Human Hair  60.0 - 600 

We use only the highest quality materials