Formaldehyde is a carbon based liquid that is widely used by industries to manufacture building materials and numerous household products. It is also a by-product of combustion and certain other natural processes. Thus, it may be present in substantial concentrations both indoors and outdoors according to the EPA. This chemical is very irritating to people with asthma, allergies, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and many other people with breathing difficulties.
Formaldehyde is known as a volatile organic compound and is found in many building materials in the home, office and hotel rooms such as in carpets, drapes, and pressed wood. You will find it in the component of glues, sealants, and adhesives, in ceiling tiles and used as a preservative in some paints and coating products. It's found in some non- building materials such as house hold products, gas stoves or kerosene space heaters, tobacco smoke, smog, and nail polish. It is also used to add permanent-press qualities to clothing and draperies which slowly emits formaldehyde causing health risks. A chemical control media such as Activated Carbon/Purafil our D-Model is necessary for the removal of this Toxic gas from the indoor environment.