The Aireox Air Purifier is for people serious about the risk air pollution presents to their family’s health.  It is recommended by allergists and physicians for prevention and /or relief of pollution-related diseases.  It’s a highly efficient, portable and quiet air cleaner.  Can be used in any room in your home.

Removes Mold Spores, Smog, Smoke, Formaldehyde, Irritating Gases which are know as (VOC’s), Pollens, Dust, Odors  and so much more…

Can be used in any room in your home
Also removes Pet Odors without using harmful sprays. Safe for you and your pets.
Testimonies:  When my wife first brought home the Aireox Air Purifier, I have to admit, that I laughed and asked,” Why do we need that?” She had noticed that my closet had a mysterious bad odor. She put the air purifier outside of the closet in the bedroom and turned it on. The next morning ”My closet smelled so fresh!” We were both satisfied and even bought another one for our living room.

My daughter has terrible allergies and she so much wanted a kitten.  What was I to do her nose was always running with just the normal allergies and now she wants a kitten.  Kids need animals.   So I purchased an Aireox Air Purifier.  We keep it in her room.  Not only does she sleep better due to the air purifier we also brought home a kitten which sleeps, and has her litter box in her room. Sometimes we don't even know the cat box has been used because the Aireox eliminates the smell so quickly

  • No Out Gassing Paint Used A special zero out gassing paint is used to protect the metal parts
  • No Out Gassing Rubber Cords Out electrical cords are zero out gassing
  • No Ozone Out Gassing The Aireox emits no gas or chemical
  • No Deodorants or Perfumes Used
  • No Loud Operating Noise
  • No Hot Exposed Motors Hot exposed motors are unsafe
  • No Air Passes Through Motor Motors are sealed to prevent any oil discharge
  • No Adhesives Used in Filter We do not use pleated filters because they require sealants to seal off the pleats.

Suggested Uses
  1. Any Room in the home
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Kitchen for Odors
  4. Rooms with Pet Odors
  5. Bedroom / Closet Odors
  6. Office
  7. Computer Room
  8. Hobby Room
  9. Rooms with Cat Box
  10. Greenhouses
  11. Mobile Homes
  12. Hospital Room
  13. Dental Clinics
  14. Labs
  15. Mortuaries
  16. Autos / Cars
  17. Motor Homes
  18. Stores
  19. Photography Studios
  20. Workout Room
  21. Gym

What is Out Gassing?

Out gassing is a term used when an item, like a new toaster, is just purchased. When you take it out of the box and plug it in, it emits a smell. The smell can come from different sources such as, the power cord, or parts inside the toaster. This is what we refer to as out gassing. It is out gassing the smell of rubber or plastic parts. NO Out Gassing means you will not smell the paint or power cords with the Aireox Air Purifiers.